TRENKLE Uhren GmbH – German quality from the Black Forest

Located in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Black Forest, the Simonswäldertal, at the German Clockstreet, the family-owned company TRENKLE Uhren has been continuing the tradition of watchmaking since half a century. Every step of a new product - from the idea to the delivery - is done in-house. Highest quality and most accurate precision are the requirements. Each of the products goes through numerous checks before it leaves the company. It is the hallmark of TRENKLE watches to combine proven craftsmanship with the latest technology. So it is possible to respond to individual customer requests in order to guarantee maximum of flexibility. The unique TRENKLE design, creativity, pioneering spirit and the high-quality standards make the products a guarantor of success "Made in Germany".
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HÖNES GmbH Uhrenfabrik - a good time worldwide

Already in childhood, the managing director has made his first Black Forest Clock. He has made his love and passion for Black Forest clocks to his profession. In 1984 he took over HÖNES and designs and realizes successfully all new models until today. Deeply rooted in the centuries-old tradition of watchmaking in the Black Forest, HÖNES clocks are handcrafted in a region, who is famous for their watchmakers, near the world-famous Titisee. Part of the company philosophy it is to use only wood carvings and housings from local production and to equip the clocks with precise time measurement technology. Through the combination of design, creativity and function as well as great attention to the details, HÖNES clocks epitomize Black Forest workmanship, appreciated by customers all over the world. Customer satisfaction is the basis for the success of HÖNES clocks. The name HÖNES is worldwide a synonym for quality clocks from the Black Forest.
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ROMBACH & HAAS Schwarzwalduhrenmanufaktur

The company ROMBACH & HAAS was founded in 1894. A former farmhouse in the middle of Schonach was chosen as the location. Schonach, a village in the Black Forest became a little later the center of the cuckoo clock and has remained it until today. In the beginning it was hardly possible to live from the production of handcrafted Black Forest clocks and so additional food was sold in the centrally located company building. At the beginning of the 20th century only cuckoo clocks, sign clocks and other Black Forest clocks were produced in the company and the food industry was abandoned. For decades, ROMBACH & HAAS has made a good name for itself in the field of "the qualitative Black Forest clock". The special watches manufactured by ROMBACH & HAAS are unique in design and quality.
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HUBERT HERR Uhrenfabrik u. Holzschnitzerei GmbH & Co. KG

HUBERT HERR cuckoo clocks are manufactured since the beginning of the 19th century. From a small workshop the company developed, now in the 5th generation, to a world-famous and leading company of high-quality cuckoo clocks. Everything is manufactured at the company headquarters in Triberg, Black Forest. Worldwide HUBERT HERR cuckoo clocks are known for best quality and craftsmanship. HUBERT HERR is the only manufacturer of cuckoo clocks in Germany, which not only manufactures the carvings and clock cases, but also the mechanical movements themselves. All HUBERT HERR cuckoo clocks are made of solid wood and are guaranteed hand carved. In the clocks tick mechanical movements of the finest quality, driven by weights and preserve and thus show the traditional production of these original Black Forest cuckoo clocks.
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HEKAS company was founded in 1938. As one of a few manufacturers HEKAS can offer the whole range of the Black Forest clocks program, starting from the souvenir range up to the high-quality cuckoo clock in different versions. HEKAS has its own carpenter's workshop for case production and the production of blanks for the carving work, therefore it is guaranteed that the clocks are originally manufactured in the Black Forest. The wood carving is still carried out by very skilled and experienced masters. This ensures that all HEKAS watches are handmade. At all times all attention is paid to the perfect quality of the products. It is guaranteed that every watch is checked during 12 to 24 hours before shipment. Due to this fact and thanks to the wide range of over 500 different models, HEKAS has established an excellent reputation in the clock industry.
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The name ENGSTLER stands for a flexible family enterprise which has been led modern for generations. By linking tradition and innovative technology we are able to present not only mechanical cuckoo clocks, but also the latest development of quartz cuckoo clocks.
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August Schwer is a Black Forest cuckoo clock factory and produces a variety of original Black Forest cuckoo clocks. August Schwer also manufactures the following products: nutcrackers, smokers, beer mugs, Christmas pyramids, wall clocks, grandfather clocks, souvenir watches and historical replicas all originally and handmade from Germany.
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