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Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the Black Forest Cuckoo Clock. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Mechanical or quartz movement?Cuckoo Cklock working man
There are two types of movements. The mechanical and the quartz movement.
Traditional cuckoo clocks feature mechanical movements. It works with weights and has to be regularly wound in order for the clock to continue working. You have the option to choose between a 1-day movement (which must be wound every day) or an 8-day movement (which must be wound every week). The movements are controlled by weights which are typically in the shape of fir cones.
The quartz movement is powered by battery and therefore doesn’t need winding.
No matter what clock you choose, you can be sure that it will be of excellent highest quality.
Night shut-off
We will be happy to explain you the various options as follows.
  • Manual night shut-off (with mechanical movement)
With a switch, all sounds of the cuckoo clock can be turned off.
  • Automatic night shut-off (with mechanical movement)
It is also operated by a switch. 3 positions are possible:
- All sounds off
- All sounds on
- All sounds off between 8 pm and 8 am. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the switch each night. It is much more convenient.

Light sensor night shut-off (with quartz movement)
Clocks with a light sensor switch off all sounds of the clock automatically, as soon as darkness prevails in the room.
Golden Cuckoo ClockCuckoo
Whether with mechanical movement or powered by a battery: an original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock includes the characteristic cuckoo call. In addition to the cuckoo call, most of the clocks also own a cuckoo bird that moves or flaps its wings when the call is sounded.
In the case of mechanical movement, the cuckoo calls once every half hour and the total number of hours at every full hour. The call is generated mechanically.
The cuckoo of quartz movement clocks calls the total number of hours at every full hour. The call is produced electronically.
Music und moving elements
There are numerous moving music elements that a cuckoo clock might have in addition to the cuckoo call.
When the music is playing, couples or mill wheels rotate, beer drinkers raise their arms or woodcutters / wood sawyers move.
Mechanical cuckoo clocks will play two different German folk songs, changing every full hour.
Quartz movement clocks will play up to 12 different melodies, also changing every full hour.
Dancer / Dance pairs
Very popular are cuckoo clocks with dancers or dance pairs. There is a wide range of clocks with dancers / dance figures, who are moving to the music. Most of them are Black Forest couples, children or dancing couples.
VdS Verein die SchwarzwalduhrVdS Certificate of authenticity
If you buy a mechanical cuckoo clock from us, the certificate of authenticity of the VdS is included, as we only offer watches from renowned manufacturers from the Black Forest.
It is your right to receive an original Black Forest Clock. That’s why it was developed a certificate of authenticity for clocks produced in the Black Forest area with a mechanical clockwork. The members of the Black Forest Clock Association are producers, traders and experts that want to preserve the high-quality standard of Black Forest clocks. Moreover, there are international service stations for clock repairs all over the world. Please inform yourself at
Your cuckoo clock comes with a 2 years warranty. However, great experience and care in the production of the clocks ensure that there occurs very rarely a warranty case. Nevertheless, should something on your clock not work as usual, please contact us.
You have the choice…
There are different types of cuckoo clocks.Old fabric of cuckoo clocks
First, the chalet style. It represents a Black Forest house, a half-timbered or an alpine house. Many interesting details, many of them are movable, provide a various design.
Another look is the carved cuckoo clock. This sometimes very complex carvings show typical nature scenes with beautiful birds, owls, deers, leaves, etc.
A new edition is presented in the modern cuckoo clock. A clear and minimalist design features these clocks. These clocks are getting more and more popular, especially as they could well combine with modern interiors.
In our shop you will also find the historical shield clock, produced in the Black Forest from the 18th century onwards.
Moreover, we offer souvenir (kuckulino) watches and weather houses.
Price difference
To understand the pricing of our original Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks please note the following:
  • Clocks with mechanical movement are more expensive than clocks with a quartz movement
  • 1-day movement clocks are usually less expensive than 8-day movement clocks
  • Clock size: the larger the clock, the higher the price
  • Clocks with musical elements are more expensive than those without. More musical sounds or melodies are also more expensive than those with fewer sounds or melodies
  • The more carvings there are, the higher the price will be. If the carvings are hand painted and hand carved also means the price will be higher
  • Clocks with a night shut-off feature will be more expensive than those without.